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30 years of HVAC innovation

Thanks for considering Rossi as your duct hardware solution. Our products are the result of non-stop innovation. Years spent researching, designing, & listening to feedback from duct fabricators like you. That’s how we learn what is most important to you. That’s why we never stop asking “what if there’s a better way?”

It all started back in 1979 when I was running a duct fabrication shop in Sun Valley, California. As a proud member of Sheet Metal Workers Union Local 108 (later Local 105), and as a mechanical engineer, I strove to improve every aspect of our fabricated duct and fittings.

But I had one major problem – crappy duct hardware. No matter which suppliers I turned to, all the damper regulators used wingnuts or hexnuts! These inevitably rattle loose and ruin the air balance. And it wasn’t just the regulators that were awful. The damper blades and bushings commonly used across the industry were not much better. Jiffy damper blades would easily pop out of place and flop around in the air flow. And it took tons of time to drill holes in fittings just to screw in the bushings. This outdated assembly process wasted time and created big labor costs at our duct shop, prompting me to wonder “what if there’s a better way?”

So in 1989 I founded Rossi, a company focused on designing new kinds of duct hardware. First, we invented continuous-bar damper blades with a built-in channel for the bar. This eliminated floppy jiffy blades. Next, we created snap-in bushings, eliminating air leakage in duct and leading to our Speedy Assembly process. This greatly reduces assembly time in your duct shop. Then, we set our sights on those pesky wingnuts & hexnuts. By inventing and patenting our positive-locking regulators, we guaranteed that your air flow would finally remain balanced for good. Time and again, Rossi changed the game by innovating duct hardware. That’s why our products have been adopted by the biggest duct fabricators and implemented across the highest profile projects in the United States. And I couldn’t be more proud when, upon my retirement, my son and daughter took over and have always run Rossi as a true family business.

There is no other country in the world where my dream of revolutionizing duct hardware could have become a reality. I mean there’s a reason they call it the American dream. That’s why Rossi products will always be 100% designed, engineered and manufactured here in the USA. And with many exciting new products in the pipeline, Rossi can’t wait to show you what’s next.  Constant innovation, the American dream and a simple question way back in our old duct shop – “what if there’s a better way?” It’s all in Rossi’s DNA. That’s why Rossi is always the original and others have been following our lead ever since.

And that’s what makes Rossi the ultimate duct hardware.

Vic Petrossian

Rossi Air Flow, Inc.

SNIPS declares Rossi founder an Industry ICON

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